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S. Jeff Woessner, Expert Jeweler

Jeff Woessner, from Heartland, MI, began his jewelry making career at the young age of five.  Jeff sold his first creation from a stand in front of his house at only 8 years old.  By the time he was twelve years old Jeff was entering Jewelry Design competitions against high school aged children.  In a competition in which he had entered pieces, Jeff was ejected because the judges said the competition was for non-professionals only.  The high school jewelry design teacher, James Patterson, upon meeting with Jeff's dad, determined Jeff had in fact designed the pieces and invited Jeff to attend night classes at the high school.  Mr. Patterson became Jeff's mentor and Jeff eventually began assisting in all of his classes, all while in High School himself.

Upon graduating, Jeff became a member of the mid-west faceters guild.  With seven teachers Jeff was taught to facet gemstones.  For three and a half years Jeff worked on one stone that he cut for competitions, in which he took first place out of 450 contestants, with the highest score ever of 98.7% and being the youngest person to ever win.

Within 6 months of beginning the faceting class, Jeff was hired as a jeweler by DuQuet Jewelers in Farmington Hills, Mi, where he worked for 9 years.  At this point Jeff decided to give South Florida a try and moved to Key West.  He began working for several other jewelers in Key West as well as out of his house when he decided to venture out on his own.  Jeff's Gems and Nautical Designs got its start at the Big Pine Flea Market and eventually settled into its current location at 906 F Kennedy Dr.


Jeff brings to Key West 40 plus years of  Jewelery Design and Repair Expertise to meet all of your jewelry needs!